Specialized Plant Shutdown & Turnaround Services.

Inma Steel’s Specialized Mechanical repair, Equipment replacement, Plant Turnaround, Shutdown & maintenance services include:

1:- Columns, Reactors & Vessels Repair Services:

     • Cleaning, Revamp, Modification & Repair, Replacement of trays/ internals, overlay welding,Alteration & Rerating.

2:- Heat Exchangers complete Repair Solutions:

     •  Re-tubing, Plugging, Tube cutting & Pullout, Tubes to tube sheet joint repair, Tube bundle  cleaning.

3:- Furnace, Reformer Retubing & Repair Services.

4:- Storage Tank Repair:

  Tank Bottom, shell and roof repair and replacement
     •  Civil foundation repair and replacement
     •  Design and installation of Cathodic protection system

5:- Equipment replacement, erection and connected piping modifications services.

6:- Removal of corroded piping, repairs and installation / re-installation of new piping.

•  General Services :-
     •  Exotic material welding like Aluminium, Non-ferrous & Titanium.
     •  Heat treatment, Hydro-testing, NDT, Boroscopy etc.
     •  Weld overlay of Flange faces & In-Situ Machining.
     •  Thickness restoration.
     • Hydraulic tensioning / torqueing, blinding and de-blinding.
     • Opening/checking/repair/cleaning/box-up of systems and equipment.
     •  High pressure water jetting.
     •  Reactor Header Inspection & Repairs.
     •  Expansion Bellows Repair & Replacement
     •  Lump sum Turnaround Services.

•  Maintenance Services:
    •  Short & Long-term contract services
    •  Furnace, Piping & Process equipment
    •   Insulation, Fire Proofing, Scaffolding, Blasting, Painting & Lining


INMA Steel is an Industrial maintenance service provider in Saudi Arabia. The Company has ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, ASME accreditation and the National Board authorization for repairs & alterations using “R” Stamp. Company has well developed welding expertise & is staffed with highly qualified and experience personnel at all levels.

Inma Steel has successfully executed several turnaround and shutdown projects at SABIC affiliates, SAUDI ARAMCO and other industries with its highly experienced project management & execution team with Zero LTI and well appreciated quality within the given time frame. Innovative ideas for problem solving and ability to deliver in time are the key strengths of Inma Steel.


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