Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers

Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers

INMA Steel manufactures a range of process equipments in wall thicknesses up to 150 mm and in a wide range of metallurgies. These include Reactors, Pressure Vessels, heat exchangers, tube bundles, Jacketed Vessels, Vessels with Limpet Coil, Vessels with Agitator, Air Receivers, Deaerators, condensers etc. Inma Steel possess a wide range of qualified welding procedures, employs expert welders, uses state of art welding equipment and invest in research & development. Inma Steel has a proven track record and well managed quality system in accordance to ISO standards, which is demonstrated through its ISO 9001: 2015 certification and ASME accreditation for “U”, “U2”, “S” Stamps.

Design Codes Design Software Materials Sizes

1) ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 & 2
2) PD 5500
3) JIS
4) AD Merkblatter

1) COADE-PVElite
2) COADWARE-Compress
3) AutoCAD
4) Microstation
5) CADWorks

1) Carbon Steel incl. LTCS, NACE & HIC steels
2) Low & High Alloy Steel
3) Stainless & Duplex Steel
4) Cladded Steels
5) Non-ferrous Alloys

1) Diameter: 10 m
2)Length : 100 m ( Tan to Tan)
3) Thickness : Up to 150 mm (with in-house Cold Rolling)
(with in-house Cold Rolling)


CS U-Tube Bundle Assembly
AMINEX Contactor (Div. 2 Vessel)
High Pressure Production Tram
Low Pressure Production Trap
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